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Grocery Price Comparisons for December 7th

By Sophie Zhang, December 2023

Here is a price comparison among major grocery chains in the Calgary area. This week Costco provides the best prices on this particular basket of goods followed by No Frills. The prices shown in pink are the best prices in the given category.

Costco frequently has the best pricing but this typically requires buyers to purchase very large packages plus a paid membership is required.


  1. Costco's prices are retrieved from the same-day, Instacart site. Our research shows these prices are generally 15-20% higher than what you will find in a Costco warehouse. As this is the case the prices from Instacart have been adjusted 15% lower. If this adjustment was not made Superstore would have the best pricing.

  2. Costco does not carry Maple Leaf bacon or Robin Hood flour. Kirkland bacon and Great Plains flour were used instead. Also, the sugar price is for a 20 kg sack.

  3. Co-op has a very low price on chicken breasts this week.

  4. T & T did not have smooth, Kraft peanut butter. This price is for crunchy, Kraft peanut butter.

  5. Sugar is out-of-stock at both Co-op and Superstore. Please read Ella's post about sugar shortages to learn more.

  6. Most grocery chains update their sale prices on Thursday. So these prices should be valid up to and including December 13, 2023. Of course, grocery chains can and do change prices without notice.

  7. N/A indicates can indicated a number of different things including: the item is out-of-stock, the item is not carried at the store, or the item is not listed on the grocer's website.


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